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Do you still have any questions about our business tool? Here you can answer some of the most common questions.

Yes, SenergyApp is capable of working both in small companies or start-ups and scaling to large corporations with thousands of users who need to get the most out of their teams.

Yes, in a particular way, except in the TMA test in which anonymized data is obtained.

SenergyApp is part of a methodology of awareness, reflection, evaluation and improvement that includes training, support and consulting that can be carried out externally by IfTL or internally by personnel certified in the methodology.

All results are based on validated questionnaires and backed by thousands of responses and years of accumulated experience.

Yes, both the response to the tests and the subsequent viewing of results and reports is done on the SenergyApp website.

Being able to gain awareness of team biases and have a shared diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses. SenergyApp is the principle on which to generate transformative conversations that end with a better version of the team and greater motivation. In the specific plane of the meetings, it helps to improve its dynamics.

SenergyApp offers you the possibility of establishing a methodology for monitoring, follow-up and improvement of teams that allows you to obtain your best version both in positivity and productivity. In addition, it allows to obtain a vision of organizational biases to be able to define diversity policies, from the formation of teams to the selection and detection of talent.

Being able to better understand their reports and being able to better delve into their leadership style from a holistic model, also having the possibility of having a 360 view of it.

SenergyApp is not a product but a solution that comes packaged with training and other processes that maximize its value. Contact us for more information or a custom budget.

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